The eye splice is the most efficient way to install a loop on the end of a rope. It is used to attach a rope to cleats, bollards, hooks, etc., or to install a proper thimble to be used with a multitude of applications. A splice is always preferable to a knot, which can reduce rope strength by approximately 50%.

An eye splice provides maximum strength retention for fiber ropes and should yield the Minimum Breaking Strength as given in Cordage Institute Standards when appropriately performed on a new rope. However, there are variations of every type of eye splice, which can be just as efficient. It is best practice to consult with the rope manufacturers for recommended splice procedures.

Below is a list of instructions from rope manufacturers for different types of splices and four generic eye splice guidelines.

Referenced CI Guidelines:
Note: These guidelines are no longer actively reviewed on a 5-year basis.
* CI-2100 Guideline: 3-Strand Eye Splice
* CI-2101 Guideline: 8-Strand Eye Splice
* CI-2102 Guideline: Double Braided Rope Eye Splice
* CI-2103 Guideline: Hollow Braid Splice